If your space is not needed, please contact us as soon as possible to cancel it so we can make it available for another customer. If you have booked the place online, you can also cancel it online (if the class is zero-priced), otherwise you will need to contact your chosen centre to cancel direct. Casual users should give 48 hours notice for all cancellations to allow us to re-sell your place on to another user. Unfortunately we don't offer waiting lists for our classes as the ability to book online makes it very difficult to hold spaces while we call people, so all spaces will be available on a first-come-first-served basis.

Sometimes people will be unable to cancel their places for genuine reasons, however if people regularly abuse the system to hold places and not attend, the following penalties may be applied:

  • 3 non-attendances within 3 months – Ability to book online restricted for 1 month 
  • 10 non-attendances within 3 months – Full fee charged for all classes missed 
  • More excessive misuse may result in full or part suspension of the Everybody Membership